Archived Recordings from 2004-2006

january 3 2007: three years - a sound collage piece culled and cobbled together from 3 years of field recordings, shortwave beams and other bits gathered on various travels


something from 4-track cassette. tibetan bowls and lombok chimes in a lament of sorts september 12 2006.


two new acoustic guitar pieces, recorded whilst in waynesville nc - June 19 and 23, 2006

laterite_road.mp3 (2.9M)

there_is_no_in-the-big-scheme-of-things_today.mp3 (8.0M)

acoustic guitar improvisation in the near dark- may 26 2006 friday night ~10pm....was a rough day

postmigraine_in_a_black_chair.mp3 (9.2M)

an idea in progress, acoustic guitar-based sounds, may 13 and 15th 2006

fracture.mp3 (8.6M)

new stuff! two improv jams with the brotherman on his recent sojourn across the north atlantic. sitting downstairs with two guitars, a stereo mic, a two track recorder and some dark beer. recorded february 22, 2006. noisy and real and in odd-ass tunings. michael in the right channel, me in the left... the first: hacking on a trail michael was clearing with the little martin. hamilton_road_jam.mp3 (10.1M); the second: channeling deep blues ghosts raised from old bukka white recordings. bukka's_bad_trip.mp3 (8.6M)

and a little something from february 27 on the oud...bit distorted and more than a little random, but maybe a something in it??? ouddity.mp3 (6.7M)

a little something that came to mind tonight, dec 7 2005 -- thinking about the year's goings. in an F tuning of some sort i think then dropped from there. one_for_brock_peters.mp3 (5.0M)

yes, another couple of guitar pieces - on the SC OOO in another tuning i shall have to remember to write down. both recorded in the wee hours of 18 nov 2005. the first is a go at development of an idea from a few weeks prior that managed to stay rattling round the skull somewhat lemon_blue_heart.mp3 (6.2M). the second is a rather longish improvisation circa 1 a.m. improvathon.mp3 (14.3M)

six new guitar pieces to peruse. developed and recorded whilst in waynesville NC recently. played on the native yahama in a couple of alternate tunings onto the edirol portable recorder - mostly in the evenings ...bugs n all. September 6-17, 2005. traces.mp3 (1.7m) ophelia_wanders.mp3 (2.2M) pigeon_river_blues.mp3 (3.4M) night_guitar_2.mp3 (2M) minus5postbenadrylslide.mp3 (4.1M) federal_hill_again.mp3 (1.5M)

new acoustic meanderings. here we have two takes worked around a central theme that came to mind/fingers whilst watching the movie Key Largo this evening, guitar in hand (as one does)... "the osceola variations": one more focused osceola_variations_2.mp3 (5M), the other more excursive osceola_variations_3.mp3 (9M) . in another odd tuning on this rainy night in cambridge, august 24 2005

a new one, constructed over the past three days (august 15-17, 2005)- a mixture of various instruments and field recordings... brewed together for an altogether different sort of thing... morning_song.mp3 (3.9M)

another revisited bit of DAT goodness - an excerpt from a longer guitar piece from last year i think, with a bit of melodica added 8/6/05 on a clear nearly summer night. . 9_mile_road.mp3 (1.8M)

two new(of a sort)ish for guitar from the current DAT archaeology circa fall 2002. one for piano, from 29/5/05 -- inspired by paul auster's novel with a near-subconscious nod to max richter. turn_your_hat_around.mp3 (4.1M) Oracle_Night.mp3 (0.7M)

a improvisational piano piece from march 25, 2005....nearly early april - inquiry_into_the_nature_of_happiness.mp3 (5M)

a new piece that emerged as i was trying out a couple of instruments in NI Kontakt last week...brooding and dark with a tinge of balkan melody snaking through my, i do talk rubbish! see what you hear/think. broken_umbrella.mp3 (3.1M)

a new one from tonight (march 1 2005)...straight piano improv, perhaps evocative...maybe just aimless nightcity.mp3 (3.9M)

more from the land of DAT -- dropped these onto the recorder during late fall of 2004. two guitars in two tunings - the Fylde and classical....both are works in progress, recorded as more or less spontaneous improvisations so forgive the odd(er) bits. alice.mp3 (2.0M) bossa_blues.mp3 (4.7M)

two new guitar sketches, recorded onto the Iriver gizmo over the xmas holidays in the mountains of NC - played on the resident yamaha in a open tuning of michael's fancy...ONE with slide (oh my!) december_sketch_1.mp3 (2.7M) december_sketch_2.mp3 (2.8M)

november 9, 2004 - a bit of a departure with this one... textural guitar work cages.mp3 (1.4M)

three new(ish) piano sketches, two short ideas and one longer improvisation. perhaps all vaguely related, but then again not so much! streetlight.mp3 (0.9M) august 12 2004, remember_the_details.mp3 (0.9M) august 31 2004 and watching_clarity_walk.mp3 (4.7M) september 7 2004.

two new piano pieces - perpendicular moods of a sort, written sept 1 and sept 3, 2004 westbound.mp3 (2.6M) and light_on_the_stairs.mp3 (1.6M)

another piano piece in progress...a bit dark with flashes of light, arhythmic and perhaps atonal too - i had been listening to solo monk at work that day. started on 11/8/04 and still percolating. monk's_fault.mp3 (4.9M)

a guitar piece from tonight 27/8/04 - played on the old emperador in a open tuning of some description, capo'd at the 5th fret. where_the_body_fell.mp3 (3.3M)

michael has solved the mystery of the glitchy grand piano and now i am free to meander on the keys at will .... here's a bit of the fallout, written 24/7/04 and FINALLY exported as nice audio today 26/8/04 (not great stuff, but heyyyyy..NO glitches!): watching_the_party.mp3 (5.3M)

A piece recorded tonight errrmmm...august6, on a warm still summer evening in cambridge...too damn quiet. AugustBlue.mp3 (6.4M)

Three different moods -- Improvisations recorded direct to DAT downstairs (AKA the couch recording centre) over the past couple of months.. various guitars (the first two on the martin i think, the third on the fylde) in various odd tunings... Sofastry1.mp3 (1M) Sofastry2.mp3 (4.1M) Sofastry3.mp3 (2.3M)

tune recorded may 3 2004 - from an idea kicking around my head over the weekend. played on the yamaha dropped tuned. presented as a work in progress! arroyo.mp3 (3.6M)

A new bit of desert-bluesy improv inspired by the movie "Abouna".... played on the wee martin travel guitar (it was close to hand whilst I was watching the film) in some tuning I couldn't name... song_for_Amine.mp3 (5M)

A little acoustic guitar piece, can't quite remember what guitar or the tuning...oh well... waiting.mp3 (2.8M)

acoustic piece of a more frenetic nature (not QUiTE D'Gary, mind)...has a bit of malagasy guitar feel to it, on the wee martin again in an odd tuning... malagasy.mp3 (2.6M)

a solo piano piece from a single pass improvisation--late at night... (aka SFS)... sombra.mp3 (4.5M)

the same sort of improvisational process(hit record on the midi-track and go), this time with strings (patch number 16) from the roland jv1010... string16.mp3 (4.2M)

a older piano piece revisited with an added texture from cheesemachine softsynth, needs a bit more work... north_atlantic.mp3 (1.4M)

development of a riff i have been playing around with since last weekend. played on the aria welsh-dragon semihollow tuned down to some C based sort of open tuning...via PODxt... tasting_moonlight.mp3 (2.5M)


Did you find it?, 2009
cassette on Object Tapes

Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni, 2008
track "non so" chosen for this and/OAR online compilation inspired by the late great director

You Get So Alone, 2008
oud piece "black sand" on this Harha-askel comp

Wrack, 2008
cassette release of oud recordings on Sloow Tapes

Airport Symphony, 2007
track "between" on the online room 40 compilation

Ophelia Wanders, 2007
full-length cdr of acoustic guitar improv compositions on Harha-Askel

Like Twilight Bleeding, 2007
3" cdr-ep with 3 acoustic guitar improv compositions on New American Folk Hero

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