15 Apr 2009 - New cassette release Did You Find It? on Object tapes makes the "BULL TONGUE TOP TEN #2" as picked and reviewed by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore!

what they say:

6. The Earjerk(Object Tapes) label, which has graced us with great dronage from the stalwart Drunjus collectif, has issued a tape on its Object Tapes by this dude Andy Futreal called Did You Find It?. Futreal had an earlier release on the Belgian label Slooow which was a slew of oud and tape machine improv skuggery. This jammerooni is even more oiled and and junk-toned and shows this cat to be a boss vibe sound skink."


Check out the release.


Did you find it?, 2009
cassette on Object Tapes

Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni, 2008
track "non so" chosen for this and/OAR online compilation inspired by the late great director

You Get So Alone, 2008
oud piece "black sand" on this Harha-askel comp

Wrack, 2008
cassette release of oud recordings on Sloow Tapes

Airport Symphony, 2007
track "between" on the online room 40 compilation

Ophelia Wanders, 2007
full-length cdr of acoustic guitar improv compositions on Harha-Askel

Like Twilight Bleeding, 2007
3" cdr-ep with 3 acoustic guitar improv compositions on New American Folk Hero

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