Like Twilight Bleeding

A collection of three pieces on acoustic guitar recorded at home on three different evenings in the fall of 2006. Two pieces, "like twilight bleeding" and "kaftan" were single improvised takes recorded direct to two-track. The first stretches out in the evening light from a brief series of high notes to explore a central theme - breaking, scattering and ultimately reforging it; the latter piece is shorter and frenetic — maybe catching a thread of older musics from parts east. The third piece, "ghosts of twilight", recorded onto a rickety old 4 track cassette with acoustic guitar and ebow, brings shades of "like twilight bleeding" back to creak and howl as things wind down some time past midnight.

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Did you find it?, 2009
cassette on Object Tapes

Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni, 2008
track "non so" chosen for this and/OAR online compilation inspired by the late great director

You Get So Alone, 2008
oud piece "black sand" on this Harha-askel comp

Wrack, 2008
cassette release of oud recordings on Sloow Tapes

Airport Symphony, 2007
track "between" on the online room 40 compilation

Ophelia Wanders, 2007
full-length cdr of acoustic guitar improv compositions on Harha-Askel

Like Twilight Bleeding, 2007
3" cdr-ep with 3 acoustic guitar improv compositions on New American Folk Hero

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