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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cassette Release:

image of Night Train tape

get it: 7.00 CAD (includes shipping) from Arachnidiscs Recordings
Andy Futreal / Babel (C-46) 2011 (split tape). Deluxe cloth bag edition of 50 w/two full colour inserts. Free digital download link included. Loosely based around "Tectonic Disasters in Asia," this is the first themed release in the split tape series.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sailing the Junkyard Sea — new CD of instrumental improvisations

find out more about Sailing the Junkyard Sea, the new cd of improvisations from Andy and Michael Futreal
available on No Matter the Train Records

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Favourites of 2009

Here it is: the big list of favourite music released in 2009.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

15 Apr 2009 - New cassette release Did You Find It? on Object tapes makes the "BULL TONGUE TOP TEN #2" as picked and reviewed by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore!

what they say:

6. The Earjerk(Object Tapes) label, which has graced us with great dronage from the stalwart Drunjus collectif, has issued a tape on its Object Tapes by this dude Andy Futreal called Did You Find It?. Futreal had an earlier release on the Belgian label Slooow which was a slew of oud and tape machine improv skuggery. This jammerooni is even more oiled and and junk-toned and shows this cat to be a boss vibe sound skink."

Check out the release.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fifty(ish) favourites of 2007

Here it goes, the list of some favourite sounds of 2007.
listed as: artist - title - label ... in no particular order

VA - Authenticite: The Sylliphone Years - Sterns
Stephen Vitiello - listening to donald judd - subrosa
stars of the lid - and the refinement of the decline - kranky
franscisco lopez - wind/patagonia - and/oar
erik friedlander - volac: book of angels vol 8 - tzadik
sylvain chauveau - S. - type
jandek - manhattan tuesday - corwood
tenniscoats - tan-tan thereapy - hapna
tim caitlin - radio ghosts - 23five
grey daturas - path of niners - rocket
awon ojise olorun - popular music of yorubaland 1931-1952 - savannahphone/british library
KTL - 2 - editions mego
c. John Cage - complete short works for prepared piano - mode
pedro carneiro - improbable transgressions - sirr
orchestra baobab - made in dakar - world circuit
akio suzuki - k7 box - alm/kojima
murmer - we share a shadow - helen scarsdale agency
yellow swans - at all ends - load
chavela vargas - cupaima - tropical-music
le trio joubran - majaz - harmonia mundi
tatsuya nakatani - primal communication - H&H
c. frank deyner - music for shakuhachi - another timbre
VA - lesotho calling - sharp wood productions
fear falls burning & birchville cat motel - s/t - core
sushio nofune - writhing underground flowers - the lotus sound
mersault - raymond et marie - formed
subtle - yell and ice - lex
starving weirdos - summon with electric sorcery - bottrop boy
rhodri davies - over shadow - confront
VA - silent room box - skoltz_kolgen
tim coster - star mill - claudia
loren connors - as roses bow: collected airs 1992-2002 - family vineyard
hisato higuchi - butterfly horsestreet - family vineyard
ex-graveyards - mourning light - broken research
heather leigh murray - devil if you can hear me - not not fun
ai aso - chamomile pool - pedal
daouda dembele - s/t - yaala yaala
VA - chinese new year2007 - little sound china
the stumps - the black wood - last visible dog
do make say think - you, you're a history of rust - constellation
tujiko noriko - solo - editions mego
loren connors - hymn of the north star - family vineyard
jean francois laporte - soundmatters - 23five
sole and the skyrider band - s/t - anticon
keith rowe - the room - ersthwhile
susie ibarra - drum sketches - innova
marc ribot - asmodeus: book of angels vol 7 - tzadik
anla courtis - Las sales fundentes - om: discos
bjerga/iversen - Drawn To The Light, Like Moths To A Flame - phantom limb
taiga remains - obelia - barlfire
gavin bryers/philip jeck/alter ego - the sinking of the titanic - touch
c. Morton Feldman - string quartet - HatHut
robert horton - sleep, wake, hope and then - music fellowship


Did you find it?, 2009
cassette on Object Tapes

Translations Of Opacity - For Michelangelo Antonioni, 2008
track "non so" chosen for this and/OAR online compilation inspired by the late great director

You Get So Alone, 2008
oud piece "black sand" on this Harha-askel comp

Wrack, 2008
cassette release of oud recordings on Sloow Tapes

Airport Symphony, 2007
track "between" on the online room 40 compilation

Ophelia Wanders, 2007
full-length cdr of acoustic guitar improv compositions on Harha-Askel

Like Twilight Bleeding, 2007
3" cdr-ep with 3 acoustic guitar improv compositions on New American Folk Hero

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